Detroit Sharing 2018
8/13/2018mp37 MB8/12/2018
8/13/2018mp320 MB8/12/2018
Owing vs Owning
8/06/2018mp321 MB8/05/2018
Crashing The Party
7/30/2018mp320 MB7/29/2018
Faith Story Dan Lundberg
7/30/2018mp36 MB7/29/2018
Faith Story Diane Lantto
7/23/2018mp35 MB7/22/2018
Self Get In The Back Seat
7/23/2018mp322 MB7/22/2018
A Little Give And Take
6/05/2017mp319 MB7/15/2018
Poland Sharing 2018
7/16/2018mp36 MB7/15/2018
This Is Us
7/09/2018mp319 MB7/08/2018
30 06
7/02/2018mp321 MB7/01/2018
Understanding Christ 5
6/28/2018mp379 MB6/27/2018
Faith Story Scott Snyder
6/25/2018mp36 MB6/24/2018
6/25/2018mp322 MB6/24/2018
Understanding Christ 4
6/21/2018mp360 MB6/20/2018
Faith Story Mark Sjoblad
6/18/2018mp38 MB6/17/2018
Transformed Not Conformed
6/18/2018mp320 MB6/17/2018
Understanding Christ 3
6/14/2018mp386 MB6/13/2018
6/11/2018mp321 MB6/10/2018
Faith Story Patti Peterson
6/11/2018mp37 MB6/10/2018
Understanding Christ 2
6/07/2018mp370 MB6/06/2018
Define_ All_
6/04/2018mp320 MB6/03/2018
Understanding Christ 1
5/31/2018mp368 MB5/30/2018
Faith Story Jenny Holmes
5/29/2018mp36 MB5/27/2018
Shockingly Simple
5/29/2018mp320 MB5/27/2018
Faith Story Barbie Fischer
5/21/2018mp34 MB5/20/2018
If A Butterfly...
5/21/2018mp322 MB5/20/2018
Faith Story Amy LaBarre
5/14/2018mp36 MB5/13/2018
5/14/2018mp325 MB5/13/2018
Malachi 4
5/10/2018mp336 MB5/09/2018
It All Comes Down To Faith
5/07/2018mp320 MB5/06/2018
5/06/2018mp394 MB5/03/2018
Malachi 3
5/03/2018mp340 MB5/02/2018
4/27/2018mp384 MB4/26/2018
Malachi 2
4/26/2018mp340 MB4/25/2018
Faith Story Chuck Mueller
4/23/2018mp37 MB4/22/2018
4/23/2018mp323 MB4/22/2018
4/22/2018mp369 MB4/19/2018
Malachi 1
4/19/2018mp341 MB4/18/2018
4/16/2018mp324 MB4/15/2018
4/16/2018mp382 MB4/12/2018
Jonah 4
4/12/2018mp341 MB4/11/2018
4/09/2018mp323 MB4/08/2018
4/09/2018mp319 MB4/05/2018
4/09/2018mp359 MB4/05/2018
Jonah 3
4/05/2018mp343 MB4/04/2018
Don't You Want To Dream_
4/03/2018mp324 MB4/01/2018
Faith Story Jeff Simpson
4/03/2018mp36 MB4/01/2018
Jonah 2
3/29/2018mp338 MB3/28/2018
Meta Pursuit
3/26/2018mp318 MB3/26/2018
True People Of God
3/19/2018mp332 MB3/18/2018
Bold Move
3/12/2018mp326 MB3/11/2018
John 21
3/08/2018mp342 MB3/07/2018
3/05/2018mp327 MB3/04/2018
Faith Story Ellen Schwalbe
2/26/2018mp36 MB2/25/2018
Where are the Jews_
2/26/2018mp326 MB2/25/2018
John 19
2/22/2018mp349 MB2/21/2018
Faith Story Carol Galstad
2/19/2018mp37 MB2/18/2018
Power of God's Love
2/19/2018mp324 MB2/18/2018
John 18
2/15/2018mp342 MB2/14/2018
A Lot To Say
2/12/2018mp321 MB2/11/2018
Faith Story Jeff Benson
2/12/2018mp36 MB2/11/2018
John 17
2/08/2018mp347 MB2/07/2018
A Warm Blanket
2/05/2018mp323 MB2/04/2018
John 16
2/01/2018mp342 MB1/31/2018
Faith Story Jonny Wallin
1/29/2018mp34 MB1/28/2018
Temporal Mysteries
1/29/2018mp321 MB1/28/2018
John 15
1/25/2018mp343 MB1/24/2018
1/22/2018mp321 MB1/21/2018
John 14
1/18/2018mp338 MB1/17/2018
A Good Rant
1/15/2018mp324 MB1/14/2018
Beth Hansen
1/15/2018mp36 MB1/14/2018
1/08/2018mp325 MB1/07/2018
End It Or Send It
1/02/2018mp336 MB12/31/2017
1/02/2018mp38 MB12/31/2017
Christmas Eve 2017
12/26/2017mp324 MB12/24/2017
Flesh Out
12/24/2017mp320 MB12/24/2017
John 11
12/14/2017mp335 MB12/13/2017
12/11/2017mp321 MB12/10/2017
12/11/2017mp36 MB12/10/2017
John 10
12/07/2017mp334 MB12/06/2017
The Gift of God
12/04/2017mp322 MB12/03/2017
John 8_48-9_41
11/30/2017mp338 MB11/29/2017
Faith Story Travis Hahn
11/27/2017mp36 MB11/26/2017
Upside Down World
11/27/2017mp322 MB11/26/2017
Faith Story Samuel Hardy
11/20/2017mp35 MB11/19/2017
11/20/2017mp322 MB11/19/2017
John 7_40 - 8_59
11/16/2017mp341 MB11/15/2017
Faith Story Steve Dahl
11/13/2017mp36 MB11/12/2017
What's Your Why
11/16/2017mp323 MB11/12/2017
John 6_60-7_39
11/09/2017mp339 MB11/08/2017
John 6_1-59
11/02/2017mp342 MB11/01/2017
Enslaved #whole30 1
10/30/2017mp325 MB10/29/2017
Faith Story Gail Mueller
10/30/2017mp36 MB10/29/2017
John 5
10/26/2017mp370 MB10/25/2017
Carried The Freight
10/23/2017mp322 MB10/22/2017
10/23/2017mp37 MB10/22/2017
John 4_46-5_17
10/19/2017mp344 MB10/18/2017
Death Done Different
10/16/2017mp323 MB10/15/2017
Faith Story Nick Haglin
10/09/2017mp36 MB10/08/2017
wen akt wen
10/09/2017mp322 MB10/08/2017
Science and Faith 5
10/09/2017mp372 MB10/05/2017
John 3
10/05/2017mp341 MB10/04/2017
10/02/2017mp320 MB10/01/2017
Science and Faith 4
10/09/2017mp372 MB9/28/2017
Faith Story Jeff Woodman
9/25/2017mp37 MB9/24/2017
Fleshing It Out
9/25/2017mp323 MB9/24/2017
Science and Faith 3
9/25/2017mp38 MB9/21/2017
Science and Faith 3.1
9/25/2017mp374 MB9/21/2017
Experiencing God 11 and 12
9/01/2017mp373 MB9/20/2017
Reverse Engineering
9/18/2017mp323 MB9/17/2017
9/18/2017mp311 MB9/17/2017
Faith Story Grace Balfanz
9/11/2017mp320 MB9/10/2017
9/11/2017mp320 MB9/10/2017
Science and Faith 1
9/12/2017mp3140 MB9/07/2017
Science and Faith 2
9/18/2017mp3110 MB9/07/2017
Bread Crumbs
9/05/2017mp319 MB9/03/2017
Faith Story Chad Hansen
9/05/2017mp37 MB9/03/2017
Start Earlier
8/28/2017mp323 MB8/27/2017
Experiencing God 10
8/24/2017mp367 MB8/23/2017
8/21/2017mp323 MB8/20/2017
Faith Story Valarie Wallin
8/21/2017mp36 MB8/20/2017
Experiencing God 9
8/17/2017mp358 MB8/16/2017
Detroit Sharing
8/15/2017mp37 MB8/13/2017
In Summary
8/15/2017mp323 MB8/13/2017
Experiencing God 8
8/10/2017mp370 MB8/09/2017
8/07/2017mp319 MB8/06/2017
Experiencing God 7
8/03/2017mp359 MB8/02/2017
Eclipsed By The Heart
7/31/2017mp320 MB7/30/2017
7/31/2017mp39 MB7/30/2017
Experiencing God 6
7/27/2017mp364 MB7/26/2017
Poland Sharing
7/24/2017mp36 MB7/23/2017
You Too You Know
7/24/2017mp320 MB7/23/2017
Experiencing God 5
7/20/2017mp372 MB7/19/2017
Justice Is Blind
7/17/2017mp323 MB7/16/2017
7/10/2017mp319 MB7/09/2017
Experiencing God 4
7/16/2017mp370 MB7/05/2017
7/05/2017mp315 MB7/02/2017
Experiencing God 3
6/29/2017mp373 MB6/28/2017
Questioning Identity
6/27/2017mp325 MB6/25/2017
Experiencing God 2
6/22/2017mp359 MB6/21/2017
Faith Story Lee Wuflestad
6/19/2017mp38 MB6/18/2017
Natural Revelation
6/19/2017mp323 MB6/18/2017
Experiencing God 1
6/15/2017mp360 MB6/14/2017
The Purest Gospel
6/12/2017mp322 MB6/11/2017
6/08/2017mp327 MB6/07/2017
Dear John -- It's Not
5/30/2017mp320 MB5/28/2017
Faith Story Mike Erholtz
5/30/2017mp36 MB5/28/2017
Faith Story Caitlin Murray
5/23/2017mp35 MB5/21/2017
5/23/2017mp321 MB5/21/2017
5/15/2017mp35 MB5/14/2017
Introduction to Romans 1
5/15/2017mp323 MB5/14/2017
5/08/2017mp322 MB5/07/2017
Can I Get a Witness_
5/01/2017mp323 MB4/30/2017
4/24/2017mp322 MB4/23/2017
Faith Story Jason Fuchs
4/17/2017mp36 MB4/16/2017
One Fine Day
4/17/2017mp323 MB4/16/2017
4/11/2017mp35 MB4/09/2017
The Pursuit
4/10/2017mp321 MB4/09/2017
The Eternal Present
4/03/2017mp323 MB4/02/2017
A Dream House
3/27/2017mp322 MB3/26/2017
Faith Story Dan Anderson
3/27/2017mp35 MB3/26/2017
Baby Shampoo
3/20/2017mp322 MB3/19/2017
3/20/2017mp37 MB3/19/2017
3/13/2017mp36 MB3/12/2017
2/27/2017mp35 MB3/12/2017
Finals Week
3/13/2017mp324 MB3/12/2017
A Thousand Years
3/06/2017mp322 MB3/05/2017
The Word Of God
2/27/2017mp323 MB2/26/2017
Faith Story Brian Wallin
2/20/2017mp36 MB2/19/2017
Say Yes.
2/20/2017mp322 MB2/19/2017
Faith Story Amy Manselle
2/13/2017mp35 MB2/12/2017
2/13/2017mp323 MB2/12/2017
Ride's Over
2/06/2017mp322 MB2/05/2017
The (Empty) Lap Of Luxury
1/31/2017mp323 MB1/29/2017
Dead Cat Bounce
1/23/2017mp322 MB1/22/2017
1/23/2017mp35 MB1/22/2017
Babylon the End
1/16/2017mp326 MB1/15/2017
1/12/2017mp316 MB1/08/2017
1/05/2017mp342 MB1/04/2017
Babylon the Great
1/03/2017mp328 MB1/01/2017
Faith Story Joy Walter
1/03/2017mp36 MB1/01/2017
12/27/2016mp325 MB12/25/2016
Christmas Crazy
12/19/2016mp325 MB12/18/2016
Faith Story Kon Nagy
12/19/2016mp32 MB12/18/2016
Kevin Littman Faith Story
12/12/2016mp35 MB12/11/2016
Faith Story Erika Schwalbe
11/29/2016mp35 MB11/27/2016
Brett Laugen Faith Story
11/14/2016mp34 MB11/13/2016
It's Time 11-06-2016
11/07/2016mp323 MB11/06/2016
11-2-2016 Jeremiah 18-20
11/03/2016mp347 MB11/02/2016
10/20/2016mp347 MB10/30/2016
Eternal Gospel (Good News)
10/31/2016mp327 MB10/30/2016
10/31/2016mp36 MB10/30/2016
10/24/2016mp318 MB10/23/2016
10/24/2016mp33 MB10/23/2016
Carbon Counterfeit
10/17/2016mp319 MB10/16/2016
10-12-2016 Jeremiah 7-10
10/13/2016mp347 MB10/12/2016
10-12-2016 Jeremiah 7-10
10/13/2016mp347 MB10/12/2016
09-28-2016 Jeremiah 1-4
9/29/2016mp342 MB9/28/2016
Solo Gig
9/26/2016mp326 MB9/25/2016
A Path or a Puzzle
9/20/2016mp321 MB9/18/2016
9/15/2016mp350 MB9/14/2016
9/06/2016mp320 MB9/04/2016
The Trumpets of God
8/22/2016mp324 MB8/28/2016
Ellie Erholtz Faithstory
8/22/2016mp36 MB8/21/2016
Sound of Silence
8/17/2016mp322 MB8/14/2016
Chore Gloves
8/08/2016mp324 MB8/07/2016
Signed Sealed Delivered
7/25/2016mp324 MB7/24/2016
Final Word
7/18/2016mp326 MB7/17/2016
7/12/2016mp320 MB7/10/2016
Bona Fide
7/06/2016mp319 MB7/03/2016
Where Are The Keys
6/06/2016mp326 MB6/05/2016
5/10/2016mp323 MB5/08/2016
5/12/2016mp322 MB4/17/2016
The End
5/12/2016mp325 MB4/10/2016