Our History

In the summer of 2003, three couples started a Bible study in a basement just a few miles away from Timberwood’s current location. Through a unique set of circumstances, God was about to do something new and fresh. That group, which grew, quickly charted ground that would be outreaching in nature. That is to say, they decided to be a church that would exist for those who didn’t go to church.

In the fall of 2003, two preview services, one on the opening of deer season, would be well received by the community. Steps were taken to secure a location: the Nisswa Community Center.

On Feb 1, 2004, Timberwood’s first pastor was hired and began. Timberwood’s first public worship service was scheduled for Easter of that same year. For five years Timberwood Church would meet at the Nisswa Community Center.

In 2009, Timberwood would move to it’s current location. By this time, Timberwood’s staff grew from one pastor to three full time pastors and two part time ministry assistants.

In 2014, phase two was completed and the congregation began to worship in the new worship center (located on the south side of the building the church built in 2009). In addition to the worship center, new office spaces were created as the church now employs six full time ministry positions and two part time ministry assistants. Although Timberwood now worships in a new space, the values established back in 2003 have remained the same.