Timberwood Youth

The youth ministry at Timberwood church includes those in 6th–12th grade. Our ultimate goal is to create a safe environment for students to come to a knowledge (both in their head and in their hearts) of the love of God and grow deeper in their relationship with Christ as well as with other believers. Students at Timberwood will have a chance to encounter God personally and honestly. We at Timberwood Church desire for them to come to a knowledge of what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and then to live out that knowledge in our every day life. Every Wednesday, students will have a chance to hear the Word of God brought in a challenging way, interact with other students in a small group setting, and have a fun time doing it! Our regular programming is Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 during the school year, September through May.  

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Youth Events

You Don't Want to Miss This! 
  • Youth Leadership Team - Sunday, Oct. 18th!  There is still time to join.
  • SNO - Oct. 28 - Small Group Night Out
  • Oct. 30 - Nov. 1. Sr. High Fall Retreat: follow this link
  • Don't forget to download the Health Forms (found below and bring them with you to the retreat)

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Timberwood Youth Retreat Guidelines


In accordance with current safety guidelines, we are prescreening and taking temps of all of our students and leaders prior to attending this event. If any attendees, students or leaders, are running a temp (above 99.5) and have displayed COVID symptoms, those in attendance will be asked to remain home. During transportation to and from camp, students and leaders will be masked in vehicles.  


Cabin groups, students and leaders, will not exceed 10. When in cabins, students are not required to wear masks when sleeping. Sleeping arrangements will be bunked in a head to toe fashion to limit the aerosol effect. Social distancing and masking will be in place between church groups, church groups can be masked and within a responsible vicinity of each other. Cabin groups from Timberwood will sit together during meals and worship.


All food at the camps will be served to students by the foodservice team individually, some items will be grabbed off of the buffet line pre-packaged. There will be no open access buffet. Food will also be served in rotations to limit the crowds inside the mess hall. Food can also be consumed outdoors dependent on weather conditions.


Each activity area has attendants who will clean surfaces and equipment between use. Students who participate in the sports tournaments can be unmasked during participation and will be asked to mask and social distance while inline to participate.


All buildings, cabins, indoor spaces will have hand sanitizer stations.  Additional hand-washing stations and sinks have been implemented to provide a responsible atmosphere for the students to have fun and engage in the activities of camp. All indoor spaces require masking with few exceptions.

  • all guidelines are subject to change/and updated in this fluid environment.