A woman watches as her husband escorts her baby girl down the last 20 feet of the aisle and as the tears run away from the corners of her eyes, she thinks about how grateful she is for all that went into this day. You see, 18 years ago a group of people chose to be a part of something new and they started the church where she stood. 

A couple of years after it opened, the woman persuaded her husband to attend with their little girl, then age 5. The atmosphere was friendly when they walked through the door, and even though none of them had been in a church for years, there was a comfortableness about the people in this place. As they left that day, she was able to persuade her husband to try it again - the music had been upbeat, the message relevant, and the children’s programs, well, lets just say the little girl couldn’t wait to go back to church.

That’s where it had all started for her, and now this woman who had experienced both the joys and pain of life, was at one of the most delightful moments of her existence. She thought about the day her husband decided to follow Jesus, and the day her daughter asked her why it was important to have faith. She thought about all of the days leading up to this point and she thanked God for a place where her family could come to know Jesus. 

Now as they stood in the midst of bricks and mortar, she knew her daughter would have something that she never did. The benefit of growing up surrounded by a family of faith; people who would never pretend to be perfect, but would always be willing to support, encourage and love. People that would follow Jesus in good times and bad, people that where willing to be a part of something much grander than their own lives. People who are willing to stake out ground and commit themselves to building this structure realizing that it would be so much more than the sum of concrete, wood and brick. It would be the place where the people of faith who call themselves Timberwood Church, reside through out the week.