serving ministries at timberwood

At Timberwood Church we have a strong desire to work together as one body. In looking to work together, we encourage all regular attendees to worship one hour and serve one hour. Worship 1 Serve 1 is designed to build community with one another and ultimately Christ.


Meals Ministry

The Meals Ministry exists for the purpose of glorifying God and spreading the love of Jesus to those in need by preparing dinners and delivering them to their homes during their time of need. We respond in all sorts of situations: illness, death in the family, recovery from surgery, birth of a baby, or any other circumstances where we can help—even on “moving day” or when folks are homebound. It is our desire that all may come to know our Lord by the love we convey through these meals. Please spread the word about our ministry so that our Lord may be honored and glorified and that others may be blessed. To learn more about this ministry, email


When a person steps into a church for the first time he or she evaluates the atmosphere. The question, “Will they accept me,” is one that races through the first-time visitor’s mind. The newcomer will quickly come to some conclusions during the first few minutes. First impressions are often lasting impressions. Consequently, the ministry of greeting is one of the most important things that happen in any Church. A greeter’s role is to impress the love found in the rest of the body of Christ, performing a major role in ensuring that people see and experience the love of Christ at Timberwood Church.


The Timberwood Hospitality ministry prepares and serves food and drink throughout the year in many different settings.

On Sundays, a continental breakfast of coffee and freshly baked goods is provided between services. Events include, dinners for the Vacation Bible School volunteers and their families, the Progressive Dinner, and a Baptism lunch. Fall Programming is kicked off with a picnic dinner, and November’s Thanksgiving service begins with pie, potluck style. Special meetings and funerals are prepared on an as need basis.

This ministry loves to serve our God and provide the opportunity for fellowship to many.


Every Monday and Friday morning a team of people assemble to take care of the “behind the scenes work.” This unique group of individuals also has a great time together. After cleaning, they enjoy coffee, donuts, and conversation with one another. This very important ministry is always looking for more volunteers. 


The intent of Timberwood’s Usher Ministry is to share Jesus Christ by being of assistance to fellow worshipers, and fostering a positive worship experience. Ushering has a significant role during the church worship service. Because of its high visibility, the Usher Ministry conveys Christ’s love and Timberwood’s hospitality to all who enter the worship space. The Usher Ministry is organized to accommodate the desires of those who want to serve the church. The team includes an Usher Coordinator who schedules the Lead Ushers and conducts training, Lead Ushers who organize and lead the team of Ushers for each service, and the Ushers themselves. All who wish to serve in this way are encouraged to join the Usher Ministry Team.