Phase Three

A Local Church, Building the Kingdom of God.

The purpose of Timberwood church is to honor God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ, worshipping, serving, celebrating - together. We are a local church, building the kingdom of God. Early in our life, we asked: “Are we a church that wishes to have a long-term leasing arrangement in which we use other entities’ buildings and properties, or are we a church that wishes to own our own land and facilities.” The outcome of that answer was movement towards finding our own physical home, starting with land.  We pursued opportunities, some of which held potential only to evaporate before our eyes. Some of you know the story, a couple at Timberwood gave generously, 17 acres, a perfect spot from which we could meet and pray and sing, celebrate - together. The idea of a building was next, and while we couldn’t afford to build everything we would need at once, we could afford to phase the process and a master plan was created. The outcome is that we meet in a space, a gift from God, made possible by the generosity of you, the people of Timberwood Church. 

We are now at the final phase of that original plan.   

Phase 3 Videos

Phase 3 Progress

May 23 - We celebrated and broke ground for Phase 3.

June 4th - Footings are poured and block is going in!

The Plan

At the annual meeting on February 3, 2019, we gave an update on a 2018 objective and presented a 2019 objective dealing with our building. Specifically we focused on Wednesday night activities where we find the building at capacity. We have adults meeting in storage rooms and students meeting in mechanical rooms.  While it's great to have a full house, capacity is limited.  And so as we have done in the past, we present those realities to you, inviting you to support a pathway that continues to enable the growth of this local church. The plan adds 9,155 square feet of new space and 1,842 square feet of remodeled space.  You can see additional classroom space, a large recreational space--a gym and bathrooms that can be used by students on Wednesday nights, as well as other uses throughout the rest of the week. The cost of this plan is $1.836 million.  

The Next Step

Our next step in this process is to make this need known to you and ask, how you might be willing to support this Phase 3, above and beyond what you currently give to

Timberwood Church? 

In the past Timberwood has answered these calls with generosity; and it is likely you have already given to Phase 1 or Phase 2. It is also likely, based on how God has blessed Timberwood, that Phase 3 could be the very first opportunity that you will have to give in this kind of way.  


It is easy to see, and hear the way God has drawn us together, how the investments that we have made in the past have enabled our growth and how the investments we make in the future meet the needs of this local church.


So, we invite you to pray, we invite you to think about what is possible for your family to give to this effort and then, we invite you to fill out a commitment card and be part of a history of generosity. 

We will collect all of the cards through Sunday, September 8th

Timberwood Church, a local church, building the kingdom of God.