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The purpose of Timberwood Church is to honor God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ.

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Letter for May 6, 2021

  • Christ our Hope

    Sometimes, as we sing songs together during our worship services, a person comes to mind, and I am compelled to sing the lyrics on their behalf.  In fact, this past Sunday was one of those days.  Someone in our congregation is facing a difficult situation, and one of the songs spoke directly about God’s faithfulness.  When we sang those words, I asked God to provide a special awareness of His faithfulness.

    Mother’s Day is coming up, and I have been thinking about my mom.  She is 86 years old and lives in an assisted living apartment.  For most of her life, she has been physically and mentally strong.  She has faced significant trials throughout the years, showing amazing resiliency through the loss of her husband and daughter, and through health issues like Parkinson’s disease, cancer and some broken bones.  Today, she has lost most of that strength – she is physically frail and suffers deeply from anxiety.

    I recently came across a song called “Christ Our Hope in Life and Death”.  Shortly after I heard it, someone from Timberwood reminded me about it and shared that it had been a daily comfort to them.  

    As I listen to this song today, I embrace it for myself, but I also sing it on behalf of my mom.  When I sing these words, I pray that she senses physical and emotional relief from Christ, her rock.  

    What truth can calm the troubled soul?

    God is good, God is good

    Who holds our faith when fears arise?

    Who stands above the stormy trial?

    Who sends the waves that bring us nigh

    Unto the shore, the rock of Christ

    And when the chorus crescendos, I pray that she feels hope rising.

    O sing hallelujah, our hope springs eternal

    O sing hallelujah, now and ever we confess

    Christ our hope in life and death

    2020 Getty Music Hymns and Songs, by Jordan Kauflin, Keith Getty, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, Matthew Merker

    If you are able, reach out to a special mom in your life this week or weekend.  Let her know you love her and that she is valuable to you.  Buy her something she likes.  Then, find a good song and pray it on her behalf.

    It’s been wonderful to see so many of you returning.  The building is beautiful, but you

    bring life to it. 

    See you Sunday,

    Lee Wuflestad


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